God’s Nature

Most of the people in Bible stories are perfect examples for us, because things always seem to work out for them, almost like a fairytale ending. Trying to translate that to our everyday struggles can be tough, unless we recognize that they were directed in their daily lives as we are. We have to remember that all of His people in the Bible were fallible humans like us, that it was always God working in their lives as he does in ours. Each of us must aspire to be like Christ, knowing that through all our certainty and faith and hard work, we will never be perfect. Aiming for perfection here on Earth can be a losing game. We are powerful because we can do all things through Him, but not alone. Miracles are a little out of reach, so we tithe and volunteer and help out others in everyday ways that a lot of people won’t notice. But to that individual, you just changed their whole day. We all know there are a ton of canned-food drives and goodwill and salvation army and blood drives, and in all these ways we are encouraged to help. I sometimes like to go out of my way to make someone feel special, or to support someone through personal issues, or whatever may offer itself up to me. I began making conscious efforts every week to help someone, anyone, without any intention of repayment or favored owed back to me. Sometimes by the littlest of actions and sincerest heart, God was able to make someone feel His love through someone like me. God’s works have always come through human hands, working through us, under his guidance. Every thing that we know about him has been passed through us, and we carry that responsibility to live up to His name. How do you show his love? Do you have any every day suggestions for the rest of us, to be better parts of the community and do good works to express our love, which comes from Him?

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