After missing a lesson last week, it has meant a lot to see so much positive reaction to the last post. All of you who take the time to comment and share these messages remind me why I sit down every week and plan this out. I wanted to help people come closer to God, to remember why we are here, why there are good Christian souls out there that protect each other, when we only really seem to see the harmful ones in the media and the churches we came out of. To come to the page and see the messages and likes has become a daily reminder that I may yet find God’s voice and be able share it with all of you in his love. I will never be the towering preacher my father was or the old-fashioned revival ministers my grand fathers were, but I teach here as a way to brighten the world in my own way, all of you who share and engage with the posts help that message reach farther out to those who may not go looking, who may not realize they need God’s people too. My goal to make this a place for those hurt by religion and seeking to find some peace with God, I am honored you’ve followed and decided to make this one of your online homes.

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