And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:

Like in so many things there is always that moment of fear before you start something, fear of how it will be perceived, fear of the reactions, fear of the unknown. I have known this fear every time I’ve sat down to pen anything, every time I’ve stood before someone to speak, and sometimes even in my own head when trying to come to terms with a profound thought. We’re taught the power that words have to hurt each other, but we often fail to use that power to heal and help each other instead. A lot of the people I’ve known inside and outside the Message fall silent to prevent either outcome. In most situations when we are unsure of the truth or what we believe, we would rather someone else be our absolute or authority on our beliefs rather than risk speaking for ourselves.

I learned public speaking from the pulpit; I watched my father and so many others use it to bring the audience along a biblical journey with them. His sermons consistently began by relating to the audience that he was lost too, that he was on equal grounds with them, I picked up this relationship to speaking.  I always believed that they were like-minded and open to everything I had to say because I was a part of them. We were based in the same knowledge, the same doctrine, the same scripture, and especially the same prophet. The Message gave me the foundation to stand on when I spoke and the belief that God was speaking through me. Leaving it forced me to better understand my beliefs and words because I would never again find an audience that agreed with me before I even had a chance to speak.  I had to be sure of what I believed and taught, because so many questioned my certainty and my faith in leaving. My words became the subject of many debates in my Sunday School lessons and in my talks with my pastor, and I realized that my audience, those that I spoke to during that time, were no longer on my side, what I had to believe was the Bible’s side and that alone.

I’ve seen a lot of destruction come from the Message and its followers, who base their teachings on accusations and guilt  to convince people of the dire need for salvation. The degrading speech that they use forces us to judge the believers and nonbelievers and destroys the very love that God tells us to have for each other. They’re taught a judgmental and angry God from those that evangelize with hate speech and calling people abominations. Their violent God is not what brings people to true faith, rather an obedience to them out of fear. I still shudder remembering how much I believed in their methods for a long time, not realizing my own self destruction in the way I spoke to people, the way I preached, and the way I was taught. I remember saying amen to the words of Branham when he described women as lower than animals and said that they were a byproduct of creation. Any man who claims to love his wife, his daughter, his mother, or any other woman in his life could never truly believe Branham speaks for the Lord and also tell her he loves her and she is meaningful to him. To love a woman would be to love something lower than an animal by Branham’s words. God made woman to be his companion, to be beside him in all things.

“There is no hog, no dog, or no other animal, designed like her or can stoop as low as she can stoop. Now, that is true.”

– Branham, 65-0221M

When I saw the post on SeekYeTheTruth, it hit home as it usually does when I see those that speak with the Lord’s name in destructive ways, not with teaching or understanding, only blaming and accusing those for not believing like them. I wanted to share this today because I look at the words now and struggle to comprehend how I ever taught his words when I was supposed to be teaching God’s love.

The article referencing the men I spoke of, you can find here:

For more you can find the sources here easy to reference;

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