Tithing Series: Introduction

Tithing seems to be a commonly requested topic here at The Incomplete Message. We keep all of your questions and constantly look for ways to address questions you’ve brought up. So if you’ve asked a question but haven’t seen it in a post just yet, don’t think we’ve forgotten you. We simply want to give all questions the respect of a thoroughly thought out and Biblically based response.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be diving into the scripture to show the different ways tithing has evolved through Old Testament, the prophets, and now into the New Testament.  First focus will be where tithing came from and its purpose: what does taking a tithe mean, why it was instituted at all and where it ended. During the time of Mosaic law and the Kingdom of Israel, there were strong changes in tithes purposes and what was expected: why was it changed from Abraham’s version, to what purpose, and how it also met its end scripturally. From the time the Israelites were exiled until the end of Jesus’ life, new doctrines once again reinvented tithing, its purposes, and came to a conclusion in scripture. After Christ’s departure, we come to a modern take on tithing that follows both Christ’s teachings as we find the stories in the New Testament and Paul’s doctrinal refinement, learning how it is relevant to us today and how to apply it to our own lives following God’s teachings.

The point of this series will be as always to show the simplicity of Christ and his message of peace in our lives. Just as Jesus Christ was a human to bring balance, so must the Word be made flesh and lived in us towards all fellow humans. I hope you find something in the coming lessons useful, challenging, and enjoyable. If you have any questions or issues, I would love to see the commentary on it or PM me at any time.


“Come now, and let us reason together,”

Isaiah 1:18

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