After Tithing

Following many requests for clarification of the responsibilities of tithing and the Old Testament versus New Testament confusion, we at The Incomplete Message have just finished a long series covering all angles. We received quite a bit of discussion during the lessons for Abrahamic, Mosaic, Pre-Kingdom, Kingdom, Exiled, Post-Captivity, Jesus’s era, and Pauline tithing. As a close to that series, we wanted to issue a request for any final questions or issues with tithing and the scriptural foundations by which we follow. Also at this time, we are considering new topics to be covered, especially ones that anyone isn’t sure where the scriptural guidance is or if there are significantly different perspectives, to help give the facts of what the Bible gives us. We hoped early on for this to be a place of great discussion and community for others who follow God’s word before the words of man, and we are open to any topic therein. Thank you to all of you who have participated recently in the lessons to help us and our readers understand the many facets that led to ultimately the end of tithes but not the responsibility to take care of our religious leaders and our community.

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